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1. What is Vainglory: Legion of One?

Vainglory: Legion of One is a Survival MOBA in development by Bazooka Tango, the same studio that created Vainglory: All Stars. Legion of One is returning to its roots of the original Vainglory MOBA, and combines it with Battle Royale elements to create an unique gameplay experience. The closed Alpha is currently available for sign up. 


2. Why are you working on this game?

Player feedback is at the core of Bazooka Tango’s development strategy, and we take all feedback seriously. During the development of Vainglory: All Stars, many players have expressed interest in wanting to bring back Vainglory, or create a similar experience. Legion of One takes the learning we gained from All Stars, and combines it with our deep knowledge of MOBA from Vainglory days. The result is a game that is like no others, and while the game is still in the early stages, we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on!


3. How does this affect Vainglory: All Stars?

It won’t! We’ll continue to support All Stars while we work on bringing Legion of One to life. Added additional dev resources have been added to help us to support both titles at the same time. We have some interesting collaborations planned between the 2 games, so stay tuned!


4. How do I get my hands on this game?

By submitting your email above! The first 500 to respond will be given access to the closed Alpha as part of our official test crew. If accepted, you’ll be given access to the new build via Testflight (iOS) or Google Alpha depending upon device preference. We will announce on our socials when we send out the invites, so be sure to follow us on social media to get notified!


5. What is the release date for this game?

As we’re still in early stage development, it’s hard to say for sure right now. All we can say is that we’ve learned a lot from the development of All Stars, so the development of this game is going to be a lot faster and smoother. As always, we’ll be releasing any information we know of on our social pages, so be sure to check there frequently!

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